October 25, 2007

Kenny and Zuke's (1038 SW Stark)

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I went to Kenny and Zuke's tonight with my sisters. I had pretty high expectations because all the reviews I've read have been really super shiny. Watch out. I'm getting out my windex to shine even more, because Kenny and Zuke ARE shining stars in Portland's piece of the culinary universe.

I had a pastrami, lettuce and tomato sandwich with potato salad. The sandwich was outstanding, with little bits of flavorful pastrami falling out the sides. The potato salad was fresh made with red potatoes and fresh herbs. Sisters had bagel with lox and cream cheese and pickled onions and a reuben with pastrami. Thumbs up from them as well.

I also ordered a salt bagel with olive cream cheese, because I had never had one before, but it sounded good (I love salt) and I thought I would take it home and maybe eat it tomorrow. I actually received scallion cream cheese instead, but hey, it looked so good that I went ahead and ate it right after my sandwich. The bagel was almost like a soft pretzel, but not - it was salty enough and sturdy enough and toasted enough and chewy enough to be perfect.

Kenny and Zuke rock. And you should eat their bagels. Cream cheese. Pastrami. Salad. Whatever they make - I am confident it will be excellent. I'm dying to go back and try their buttermilk fried chicken fried to order in duck fat. Does that not sound divine?

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Sara said...

I ate there last week and can also agree that the food was delicious. I got virtually the same thing you did, except I got the straight pastrami sandwich so no lettuce or tomato on it. But boy was it good. The pastrami was still warm and the potato salad had a nice flavor with just a hint of bite to it. And we can't forget the pickle. A deli must have good pickles and they do.

I need to try their bagels. I haven't found a local bagel shop that I like ever since Goldberg's went out of business a couple years ago. Don't get me wrong, bagels at Noah's, etc are fine, but they aren't real bagels.