July 31, 2007

Vindalho (2038 SE Clinton Street)

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My friends and I started a restaurant group where we try a new restaurant once a month and Vindalho was our first excursion. We had 14 people attend! I called Vindalho ahead of time and they set up two long tables for us upstairs, in a semi-private dining area. The restaurant is beautiful on the inside and I knew I was in for a big treat once I met the waiter. "Oh - you're with Elizabeth? Great! The party's just getting started!" We went upstairs and met up with our friends.

Once we were all there, the waiter went around and told us the specials. We asked him questions about the menu and he said things like "Oh that is spot on. So delicious." and "I've been here since the beginning and I know you will LOVE this." He was definitely passionate about the food. And we were wondering. Does he have another job? Or does he make his living as a waiter at Vindalho. Because I think he could. He should get lots of really big tips because he loves the food, he sells it, and he says "spot on" on a regular basis.

We started off with some fritters that were part of the special. Now if I can just remember what the rest of the food is:

I had the Tandoori Beef, which was tender and spicy and the onion rings that came with it were almost curried. It was very good.

Now I'm just going to be honest and say that I have no idea what these other dishes are, but aren't they beautiful? The colors are so amazing and it goes perfectly with the spice route cuisine theme going on at Vindalho.

Our waiter was constantly servicing our table with all of his spot-ons and water filling and then he offered (on his own - without any asking from us) to split the check for us 14 ways! That is unusual. Actually, it's almost unheard of! I had asked everyone to bring cash so that it wouldn't be an issue, but the waiter said that it would be no trouble.

Oh and I almost forgot! They have lovely ginger lemonade.

When you go to Vindalho (I know you will!) you should wear beige and have an empty stomach to provide a nice backdrop for the visual and culinary feast that you will eat. If you don't have a camera, snap a picture with your mind. A beautiful meal should be remembered forever!
Thanks for the pictures, Rich!

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kab said...

I love the food at this place, too...glad yours was great!

Sara McOllie said...

The vai tai drink is also delicious! Don't forget the great music they also play. This place reignited my desire to go to India.

LadyConcierge said...

Yum, everything sure looks tasty. Haven't been to Vindalho yet. Was it spicy? I like spicy.