July 30, 2007

Greek Cusina (404 SW Washington)

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Over the past 7 or 8 years, I've visited Greek Cusina on a number of occasions. Two company parties, weekly karaoke, blind date and just recently, went there for dinner just because.

Our waitress was imported fresh from California, orange skin, bleach blonde hair, scratchy voice. She kept talking about how busy she was. "Oh my God, there are so many people at the tables outside. I'm like whoa." Then she talked about how they might dine and dash. "Sorry, I'll be back in a minute. There's this totally big table outside that I'm scared they might leave without paying. That's what they like to do - sit on the very edge and then leave without paying. Especially with the Brewer's Festival going on." This is the second experience I've had with a waitress telling me about diners who dash. And that establishment is only a block away from Greek Cusina. I wonder if it's the neighborhood?

The food - sucks. The steak strips I ordered were mealy and mushy. The mushrooms marinated in something yellow were not good. The brie was questionable. I have never realized how bad the food is, because I am usually distracted by trying to avoid the ouzo tasting, breaking plates, watching someone make a fool of themselves while singing their guts out and being jealous of them, my stomach being in knots because I don't know the person I am on a date with. But this time, it was just dinner. It was plain and simple and disgusting.

Definitely not worth the time or the money. Skip it. Unless you are going to break some plates and drink a lot of ouzo. There's no karaoke anymore - a big loss to the karaoke community. That was seriously some good fun.

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Chelsea said...

Well, now. I did actually like my turkey burger. It wasn't fabulous but I didn't think it was too bad. The food is nothing like real Greek food, that's for sure. We should try Alexis next time:)!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

I've been there once but not to eat, to dance. We got past the doorman and went up the stairs and into what we thought was the dance floor. We danced a bit. There were about 20 other people there, all younger than us and they all seemed to know each other. Then we noticed TV monitors showing other people dancing, lots of them. We finally found the right place. I think we had crashed some kid's bar mitzvah.

Sara McOllie said...

Ansley, that is awesome!

Glad someone else finally agrees with my assessment of this place. For years I have tried to stay away from here for food and I occasionally get stuck going. Seriuosly, in 10+ years, I don't recall a meal that I have really enjoyed there.

Lady Blackthorne said...

That is so strange. I recently dined at the Greek Cusina out in Tualitin and the food was very tasty. The feta fries were awesome, the Gyro had just the right spice, and the Dohlmas were great! I'm sad that you had a bad experience... Maybe they aren't the same company?

Lizzy said...

Perhaps over the past two years they've improved? Or maybe they have a different chef over in Tualatin... who knows. Glad you enjoyed it though! The feta fries sound interesting!