April 19, 2007

Portland is Delicious Destination of the Year!

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According to the Food Network Awards, Portland is the best "rising city with a fast growing food scene". We already knew that Portland has a culinarily diverse foodie community, but thanks, Food Network for giving us National props! Sadly, Tom Potter could not make it to the awards to accept the great honor. I know that the 8 or 9 people who watched this award show are now aware of Portland's possibilities and could increase tourism by, say 8 or 9 people this summer.

Anthony Bourdain, of Kitchen Confidential fame, wrote a hilarious blog entry about the awards.

However strange the awards are (Best Food Combo: Burger and Fries, Best Professional Grade Appliance: Microwave, need I go on?? How exactly do you award a burger and fries for being a burger and fries?), Portland is Delicious!


Chelsea said...

Yay for Portand! I love us!:)

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Portland is delicious and I'm glad I will be there in mid-May to enjoy it's food, friends, beauty, and amazing spirit.

Lizzy said...

Hooray for an Ansley visit in May!