April 27, 2007

Berlin Inn (3131 SE 12th Ave)

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Friday. Worked all week. Need some good food. Sister wants to check out Berlin Inn. Looks like a house. They have a patio. We sit down at the patio. They have nasty, dingy white plastic patio furniture with super ugly tablecloths. We order Garlic and Gouda Fondue with bread, sausage and apples and some Porta Sticks (strips of portabello mushrooms breaded, grilled and served with red pepper sauce, as well as dill creme fraiche).

They serve us water in dingy plastic I-got-them-for-cheap-from-an-estate-sale glasses and the water tastes just like the glasses. The waitress does a trick for the neighboring table by doing some kind of swirly flippy thing with her hand while still holding onto the empty serving tray. Tricky!

We get our food, which, as it turns out, is quite good. The fondue is tasty, thick and cheesy - better than The Rheinlander, I would say. The bread from Grand Central Bakery is fresh and the sausage and apples are good as well. The Porta Sticks are excellent, though the sauces are quite flavorless. We have to ask for silverware. "I thought it was finger food, but okay." The waitress is defensive about her decision to not give us silverware. This is amusing.

Please Berlin Inn, consult a designer about your patio. It is ugly. And tell your waitress that you should always give your guests silverware. In the event that they have a phobia about eating with their hands or something. At least give them the option. Geesh. But keep up the good work with the food thing - you've got a good thing going there.

**Note: Berlin Inn is considered a dog-friendly restaurant. They even have a menu for dogs. Seriously. If you love your dog a lot, you should take him to Berlin Inn and have a date night. Just the two of you. Bark. Bark.