April 23, 2007

Heartsong Massage (Lake Oswego)

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In 2000, I was hired by a company that gave all of their employees free monthly massages. At that time in my life, I had never had a massage and the idea of it kind of freaked me out. But over the years, I came to adore, need and crave massages on a regular basis. Now, when I don't have a massage for more than 4 weeks, my muscles cramp up in my shoulders and I start getting headaches.

The best thing about going to see Lisa Still at Heartsong Massage every month for 7 years, is that we became really good friends. I think she knows all my secrets. When I am laying on a table covered only by a sheet, I find it hard to keep confidential things confidential and personal things personal because, well, there I am. At first it was nervous talking, the oh-my-gosh-I'm-naked-in-front-of-a-stranger talking. Then we really became friends. We've lusted after rock stars together, I've listened to her band play, we've laughed until we've fallen on the floor and cried when sad things happen.

The thing is, though - she is friends with all of her clients. Often when I get there early for my appointment I can hear her melodic laugh through the door and then watch her hug the person, and genuinely tell them to take care as they leave. Friendships with massage therapists are not for everyone. If you like to have a massage in silence, with new age music whimpering in the background, you can get that at any spa and Lisa will oblige if that's what you want. But you'd be missing out on knowing a really good person and a great friend.


love.boxes said...

Maybe it's because often people who have those type of careers are often very caring people. They do take care of people for a living. :)

Chelsea said...

Yay! I love Lisa!