June 3, 2006

Lizzy Dishes on Location in Minneapolis

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My friend Heidi invited me to visit her in Chaska, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis. I had never seriously visited Minnesota, just a couple of one night stints in campgrounds during road trips. But this trip, I got just a taste of what Minnesota is REALLY like. Well, as much as you can in three days, anyway.

Minneapolis is way cooler than I expected. We went to dinner at Chino Latino (2916 Hennepin Ave S), which was hip and yummy and expensive and fabulous. Just look at the outside of it! They serve Latin-Asian fusion food. We had smoked salmon sushi, empanadas, portobello satay and tacos. I know, strange combination, but all SO delicious!

The dark rooms, loud music and brightly colored lights made me feel like I was 19 again (but a hipper, cooler 19 than I actually was in 1992).

Other places to note in Minneapolis: Punch Pizza, the lakes, the new Trader Joe's (making it a city that I could live in, if I was adventurous enough to take a giant leap across the country), and the sculpture garden. I will be back to Minneapolis sometime soon, to visit or live. Haven't decided which yet.