June 25, 2006

Mo's (195 Warren Way, Cannon Beach)

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I think I have to move out of Oregon or risk getting kicked out by what I am about to write. I don't like Mo's. Their food is not good. On a scale of tastiness ranging from hospital food to the best gourmet restaurant in Portland, Mo's hovers right below cafeteria food. Granted, I do not usually eat seafood, so when I go there, I don't get their famous clam chowder. But I would think that if they are so good at making clam chowder, that their culinary talents might spill over into other dishes, at least a little bit. I ordered pasta with grilled chicken. What I got was a mess of overcooked fettucine with a glop of thick, white sauce that I'm pretty sure was a variation on the chowder base they sell maybe with some gelatin added, with a pile of flavorless, stretchy cheese and some slices of grilled chicken that hadn't been cut all the way. No onions. No garlic. No seasonings of any type. The salad was like cafeteria salad: crisp, browning and watery.

The only reason to eat at Mo's is for the view. But you can walk right out on Tolovana Beach and get an unobstructed view of the ocean that supercedes any view you get at Mo's. There are so many good restaurants in Cannon Beach. Mo's is not one of them.


elsie violet said...

i have to mostly agree, but if you are going to review a seafood restaurant, you should probably try the seafood:)

Inkling said...

Oh, yes, finally there is something I can say on here! Mo's sucks! We just went there last week to give my cousins the experience (since it is famous) and I was reminded once again why we NEVER eat there under normal circumstances but instead go to The Blackfish Cafe, which you must try if you haven't already next time you are in Lincoln City. Best clam chowder on the planet. And the salmon pasta (I forget what kind of noodles) is to die for.