May 28, 2006

Lizzy Dishes on Location in Chicago

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Vacations are good. This week, I ventured to Chicago for a little culture and relaxation. I had a couple of hours to kill before I needed to be at the Steppenwolf Theater for a play, so I walked around N. Halsted Street in search of a nice Sunday brunch.

I could tell Vinci (1732 N. Halsted Street) was good, just from smelling the glorious aromas as I walked by. Like a zombie, I followed the trail.

The real live Italian waiter seated me next to the window, so that I could watch people walking by. He served me water and then unfolded my napkin and placed it on my lap. It was a little intrusive, but okay. He brought me a basket of bread: raisin bread, crusty bread, and batter bread, with a trio plate of two kinds of jam and a yummy lump of butter.

I ordered the Eggs Benedicto. Eggs Benedict on foccacia bread. I can't describe it, but I can show you, since I sneakily took a picture of it with my camera:

Yes, AMAZING. Enough said.

Other places to note in Chicago: La Strada, somewhere on Michigan Avenue (great crab cakes) and a little seedy karaoke bar (I don't remember the name or location, except that it was next to a police station) where I enjoyed several hours of amateurs singing along to videos that were straight out of the 80's which mostly showed women in Laura Ashley-type dresses doing interpretive dance in fields, living rooms and bathtubs, with flowers in their hair, hands, or teeth. Chicago actually has a karaoke newspaper, with all of the hot spots and competitions. Impressive.