July 5, 2009

Wi-Fi Makes it Better

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The internet went out at my apartment building yesterday. It was terrifying. For hours and hours, I didn't check my email, my Twitter or my Facebook, let alone catch up on the blogging I needed to do. I was extremely anxious. [insert dramatic music here]

I drove over to the Eastside around 1:00 this afternoon, hoping to grab a cheap lunch at a cafe whilst using their wifi. I ended up at Broadway Grill and Brewery. I've been to this place lots when it was a few other restaurants. It's really never been good. I wonder if the location has a curse on the food it produces.

The waitress seemed hesitant about the Wi-Fi. "Sometimes you can pick it up. I mean technically we have wi-fi. I just know that lots of people have trouble with it." Because I was hungry and desperate to see Inbox (548) that would certainly be waiting for me, I decided to risk it.

*Luckily* the wireless fired up quickly. Sadly, what I saw was Inbox (1) and it was something about how some natural enhancement would help me... oh you know.

So anyway, looked at the menu, which was filled with burgers and sandwiches and fried fish and fried chicken and fries and onion rings and all the other typical sports bar fare. Oh did I mention it was a sports bar? It is.

I ordered the Greek Salad and the onion rings. The salad, while it looked pretty all layered, was difficult to eat. Everything kept jumping out of the bowl as I tried to mix it up. The lettuce was that part of the lettuce head that you don't normally choose to eat. The light green part that in this case was bitter. No amount of the oily dressing could hide it. The feta, artichokes and olives were fine.

Onion rings were typical, though the buttermilk dressing they came with did actually taste homemade. But not with buttermilk. It tasted homemade with regular milk. Wasn't bad though.

Anyway, who cares. Because I got to blog and email and Facebook and Twitter. The food wasn't horrible. Wasn't great. Was meh. But did I tell you they had wi-fi?

P.S. I forgot to tell you that they play ALL 80's music. And not in a good way. I heard Paula Abdul and Su Su Sudio (how the hell do you spell that?) and it nearly ruined my appetite. And then I went back to Twitter and forgot about it.

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Erin said...

I actually like their greek salad a lot because they have so much stuff in there. I think that the calzones are pretty decent there, too.

chelsea said...

Not sure if this is the same place it was when I went there last. Am thinking not. It was pretty disgusting last time I was there. These photos actually make it look pretty yum.

nancy : The Sway Report said...

Sounds hilarious. Is it siouxsie sioux you were trying to spell?

Karen White said...

I ate there and was not impressed, was impressed so little that I have zero interest in returning.

But love whiffies!