July 25, 2009

How Live Wire! Helped Me Get A Boyfriend (I mean how it will get me a boyfriend or a date or a good time or whatever)

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Last night, I took my out of town guest to a Live Wire! taping at the Aladdin Theater. Every time I go to a Live Wire show, I am reminded how utterly incredible it is. The music, the interviews, the humor - it's entertainment at its best.

Live Wire also makes you smarter. Because I went to last night's show, I can now use the following pick-up lines at parties with attractive, intellectual men:

- Shawn Levy is of the opinion that it is not a tragedy that Paul Newman, the specimen that he was, was appreciated by more than one woman during his life. Incidentally, I'd like to appreciate you.

- Twitter is just another tool we use to interact with each other, and can sometimes enhance marketing strategies. I think you are a tool in my love life strategy. How can I use you?

- I saw this couple on Live Wire! They were on a date on stage on the show. They wrote haiku about the date. It was awkward. I don't think it would be awkward for us, though.

- I love the Captain Bogg and Salty band. They do shows for kids. Do you want to have some with me? Kids, I mean.

I know. You are probably ready to call me and ask me out, just from reading my pick-up lines. But stop. Before you do, head on over to Live Wire! and make a donation. They have a budget deficit this year and we need to keep this show on the radio no matter what it takes. Because these lines will get old and I will definitely need some new lines by next month.

Seriously. Do. It. Now. Also. It's sexy to donate.


Anonymous said...

If I liked girls more than boys, I would not only date you, I would marry you because you have taste and are obviously a catch!

Lizzy said...

Dear Anonymous:

Bless you.



Hey, It's Ansley said...

Can't wait to read how these lines work out for you.