February 26, 2009

Murder and Intrigue in Bagdad

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I just got home from watching Double Indemnity, one of the greatest suspense movies ever. Mostly because who can seriously believe that the dad from the Shaggy Dog movies could be a murderer? [Before you get mad, that is NOT a spoiler.] A few great things about this movie:

1. The use of the word "baby" in almost every sentence out of Fred McMurray's mouth.
2. Great narrative: "Who knew that murder could smell like honeysuckle?" "She started crying like the rain on the window."
3. He falls in love with Barbara Stanwyck in literally 2 minutes. And goes from "Hiya baby" to "I love ya baby" in two days.
4. There are gunshots with no blood.

It's not very often that we get the chance to see these great movies on the big screen and in the glory of a beautiful theater like the Bagdad. So thank you, McMenamins for showing us these gems.

Now. On to Saturday. At 11pm on Saturday, the Bagdad, along with SuperTrash and Willamette Week, will be showing Madame X with Lana Turner from 1966. More film noir for $3. You can't beat that! Who wants to go? You can watch the trailer here.