February 26, 2009

I am going to Texas.

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Yes. I am finally doing it. I am going to visit my faithful friend who has visited me more than 10 times in Oregon while I have been avoiding Texas for the past 15 years. In two weeks, I will be spending the weekend here, in Greune, Texas and staying in a big fat mansion.

We will be passing through Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth, I think, on a mini-road trip holiday.

Have you been to Texas? What are your favorite places to eat there? I'd love to visit a hole in the wall awesome barbecue or TexMex place. Help me before I turn to Guy Fieri for help.


Brian Duval said...

That looks grand! Austin is supposed to be great. Never been though, sorry, no help from me!

p.s my word verification is "bustomi"

chelsea said...

yippee! this place looks so fun!!!!!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

You have to go to Salt Lick BBQ, there's one in Austin but the real one is a it outside of the city! There's a fun gospel brunch at Stubb's. I'll think about my favorite places and get you more ideas!

CeCe said...

Hi Lizzie, I was just looking for good places in Portland and came across your blog. I am glad you reviewed Hung Far Low, that was on my list to research. I am in Austin. So - I think go to Guero's on South Congress, tacos, funky shops, fun to walk around. Joes coffee shop is there too if you need caffeine. One of my new favorite places is Janitzios on MLK near campus. I know it's good because the construction workers eat lunch there so it is authentic tex Mex whatever that means these days. And the enchiladas and rice are great. Eastside Cafe is good, east side on Manor road, you can get to Janitzios (west side MLK) or East side off I-35. Burgers, Huts Hamburgers on West 6th street too. If you want a road trip for great BBQ drive to Luling and go to City Market. Lockhart has good as well but I have tried them all and this is my favorite. You better go to Marias Taco Express on South Lamar. Best breakfast tacos ever if you are not familiar with the breakfast taco you need to go.

Anonymous said...

City Market in Luling for the ultimate Texas BBQ experience !

Lizzy said...

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Stay tuned for my adventure reports!