November 7, 2008

Quality Food is Essential to Functioning as a Real Human

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The last few days have been CRAZY. I have been having so much fun at Wordstock, with the Poetry Slam (I think I feel an addiction coming on) and tonight at the fancy dress party with the authors. And going a million miles a minute trying to fill all my open spots for emcees for the book fair the next two days (interested? Email me at Anyway, so I've been busy. So busy, that I actually found myself standing in front of the Little Debbie's shelf at the grocery store the other day. That's just not right. I felt sick just looking at them. And yet. My soul was reaching out to them. I escaped without the trashy purchase, but just barely.

Today in particular has so crazy and I will write more later, but wanted to jot down this quick meal that I just made for myself that tasted so good - and wholesome... sort of.

I took one pound of mushrooms, cleaned them and cut them in half. Popped them in a super hot pan, glistening with olive oil and let them cook until they were golden brown. I added three cloves of fresh garlic, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Tossing them around, I sauteed them until the garlic smell was circling my nose. Then. THEN. I added a generous splash of red wine. The mushrooms slurped it up in about 6 minutes, leaving them plumped and purpleish with a golden brown hue in the background. I served them (to myself) with a baguette and some brie cheese.

I feel happy and lovely and I don't think it was just the wine. I think it was the mushrooms and the cheese getting all up in each other's business and collaborating on my tongue. It might have also been my hot shoes that I wore tonight with my new hot dress. I don't often feel hot. But tonight, I felt hot and now I feel savory and lovely as well. And maybe a bit talented for coming up with this in my head in the one block between the fancy dress party and Whole Foods.


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Oh MAN that sounds good. I may have to try making it. And yes, I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due.