November 11, 2008

Friday and the Blueplate Special

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Last Friday it seemed like Saturday. Old clothes. Sleep in eyes. No work. Errand running. Except one thing. I got to eat lunch at Blueplate. The Blueplate that is only open Monday through Friday, 11 am to 5 pm. The Blueplate that escapes my bite everyday because I don't work downtown.

The block at 3rd and Washington is under some kind of construction, so thankfully, once I got inside and sat at the table in the window, my tired, greasy old head was hidden by a giant plastic drape hanging from the scaffolding in front of the storefront.

Their menu is small - so the choice was quick: Meatloaf sandwich with a side of mashed potatoes. I ordered sparkling lemonade, too, to celebrate a non-working day.

The meatloaf, piled high in thin slices on the staunch, thick and crusty Texas toast was moist and slathered in basil mayo. The fresh tomatoes added just the right amount of juice running down my chin to make me feel delicious, despite my less than stellar appearance. The mashed potatoes were loose and buttery - and not as heavy as I imagined.

Cheap, too. Only $10.00 for the whole meal, including the drink. Hot-diggety-dog. I do love a good Blueplate special.

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