June 21, 2008

Story Telling in Portland That I Didn't Get to See

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I'm sad that I just discovered this the day after it happened. I hope they have more events because I'm totally there. Back Fence PDX

My friends and I wanted to check out the Mortified event a couple of weeks ago, but it was sold out by the time we found out about it. I'm on their mailing list now and I am for sure going to the next one in Portland!

I also missed a Write Around Portland reading the other night in St. Johns. Even though I go to the readings all the time, I am always a little bummed when I miss one of the smaller ones. They are so cool.

I was thinking of hosting a Portland blogger meet-up story-telling night. I think that might be fun and kind of interesting. Are you interested?


Kate The Great said...

Yep. Once I move to the area.