September 13, 2007

Musicfest NW (All Over Portland)

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This year was my first year attending the Musicfest NW, held at different venues all over Portland. I loved Willamette Week's coverage of the fest. Here is my not nearly so lively three days of music:

Thursday Night, Doug Fir: John Weinland came out singing - an admittedly great sad-song-singer and very enjoyable to watch. The keyboardist looked like Motel the Tailor from Fiddler on the Roof, except he was more hip than the original character. The air conditioning was on full-blast and I started shivering because there was only like 50 people there to absorb the cold air. After John Weinland finished up his set, there was an invasion of Oregon Lottery promo people handing out free scratch-its where everyone wins. I won a t-shirt with a fun-o-meter on it that implied that clown wrestling was the most fun activity ever. Huh. Immaculate Machine was rocking the house. But not enough to warm me up. I kept day dreaming about being wrapped up in a blanket at home. Finally, I decided to make my dream come true and I left. First night at Musicfest. Lasted only from 9 - 10:30. Lame.

Friday Night, Fez Ballroom: I had never been to the Fez before. I liked it. It was comfy. Until the music came on and blew my eardrums (okay, not literally, but almost) and the people on either side of us started smoking heavily. (Heavily means more than one person smoking, and smoking non-stop all night. I mean hooray for freedom and all. I just felt infested after three hours of it.) So anyway, first up was Drakes Hotel. They played to a recorded percussion track. They said nothing. It was dead silent in between their songs. I think they left their personalities at home that night. Or maybe they were just depressed. Next was The Upsidedown. Delightful. They projected film and other light tricks while they were singing. They have an official projectionist. How cool is that. The chick that played the tambourine was my favorite. She should have been in a 60s beach movie with her moves. I wonder if she stole those moves from Annette Funicello. I loved their sound, too. But almost after everything else. I loved their look, their film and then I loved their sound. The High Violets came on next. They rocked. Then I was sort of tired. Luckily, my friend brought extra earplugs. My eardrums are indebted. Because they would have died without the earplugs. Second night of Musicfest: Lasted from 9 - 12am. Good job!

Saturday Night, Jimmy Mak's: Jimmy Mak's is nice and comfortable. No smoking. Waitresses to bring you drinks. It was a relaxing night compared to the night before. First band: Cabinessence. The Musicfest guide described them as psychedelic country. Do I even need to say anything else? Awesome. Second band: Jonah. The Musicfest guide said that if I liked the Killers and Coldplay then I would like Jonah. Well I do. And I did. Cool. Third band: The Retrofits. They were pretty little boys. I wanted to give them milk and cookies they looked so young. They were good. According to the guide the middle age women love them. Is 34 middle age? Third (and my last) night of Musicfest: Lasted until 12 am, second night in a row. Double good job!

I had so much fun at the Musicfest that I have had a migraine and a cold for three days. I may be 34, but those late nights turn me into 80 years old. That makes me a little sad. Because I love staying up late. Sigh. But anyway. Musicfest rocks. Can't wait until next year.


todd said...

Ohmygosh! Jimmy Mak's was where my friend and I were planning to go! She's friends with members of Jonah and the Retrofits, and I'm friends with members of the Retrofits and Derby (who played after the Retrofits).

Alas, we were both too tired. :)

Glad you were able to fill us lame-o's in on the festivities 'n' everything!

Oldie said...

Earplugs! You are a genius. I still have hearing loss in my left eardrum. Bummer.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who needed a few days to recover...I felt extrememly old:(