September 26, 2007

Lizzy Dishes on San Francisco

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I just got back from a weekend trip to San Francisco. I didn't do anything that I planned really, but I had a great time. Here are some highlights:

1) Stayed at the Hilton in San Francisco, which had great customer service, room service and a killer view from the 46th floor. I ate at their restaurant once, late at night and the view was literally breathtaking. It kind of choked me up. I sipped my virgin margarita, ate my truffled grilled cheese sandwich and washed it down with lobster bisque while obsessively staring at the view in front of me.
I ordered room service a couple of times, as I was a little bit sick during my visit - so handy! The food was good and delivered promptly. I felt rich. Even though I really wasn't. There's just something about that plate cover thing that makes me feel happy.

2) We ate at The House of Nanking. The best Chinese food I have ever had. The chef came to our table. No smile, no welcome. I said I wanted something with chicken. Rich had pork. The people next to us ordered seafood. I couldn't wait to see what they would bring us! I had sesame chicken and Rich had something with lots of green onions and vegetables. Both were outstanding. And Rachel Ray has been there. Oh I know. I hate her. Everyone does. But still, going to a restaurant that is loved by a famous tv person is cool. I don't know why. It just is. We chatted with the people next to us who were in San Fran for the weekend. They were nice. It's fun to talk to new people when you are eating some really tasty food - it enhances the experience I think, and give you something to talk about.

3) Went on a dancing cruise around the bay at night. We circled Alcatraz and saw the Golden Gate Bridge. It was beautiful and fun and hot on the dance floor. Loved it!

4) Shopping at Union Square. Before I left on my trip I did some laundry. I unfortunately left my chapstick in my pocket of my favorite pants. I realized this the night before I left. Pants: stained. Multiple shirts: stained. Must go shopping. I spent too much money, but they have the best shopping there, seriously! I actually bought everything at Macy's, which was right around the corner from my hotel. Pajamas, jeans, three shirts and a jacket. A new wardrobe. Fun for me, but a big blow to my pocketbook.

5) I discovered that I love anchovies. At Scala Bistro, they put anchovies on my Caesar salad. I don't know what to say except that they were so pungent, salty, rich and flavorful that I almost cried.

6) I had dinner with a friend from childhood, Rhea. They took me to a glorious tapas place in the Mission. We had black beans, marinated mushrooms, fried plantains, chicken paillard and yucca. It was SO good.

San Francisco is definitely worth another visit, because there is SO much more I want to see and do. I didn't leave my heart there, though. I realized while I was there that my heart will probably ALWAYS be in Portland:)


Sara said...

I know I was the one I think who suggested House of Nanking, and now I am jealous! It never fit in with the schedule when I was down there a couple weeks ago...even though people stopped my friend and I to ask if we knew of the restaurant, which of course we did.

Glad you had fun and that your hotel was super fab!