January 8, 2007

Pambiche (2811 NE Glisan St)

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Even though we had to wait outside for almost an hour (at least it seemed like it), huddling together by an outdoor heater, it was totally worth it. Once we sat down, I immediately ordered a Cuban Hot Chocolate.

It was a little bit spicy and really warmed me up, even my toes, which were uncovered in my Tevas the whole time we were sitting outside in 35 degree weather.

I had an Empanada Picadillo (Cuban beef hash seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and vegetables sautéed in a Spanish olive oil and sherry wine sofrito) which was fabulous and the spices were so deep and rich, soothing my sore throat and entertaining my tongue greatly.

We shared a Cuban Cigar for dessert - it's not on the menu, I think it was a special that night. A chocolate truffle shaped like a cigar, in a pool of some kind of liqueur and whipped cream. Lovely. All of this to celebrate my good friend Ansley's visit to Portland.

I think after the Cuban Cigar, she might ditch SLC and move back to Oregon. How could she not?

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Hey, It's Ansley said...

Portland is tempting for so many delicious reasons and Pambiche is one of the top. I had a great time, thanks!

Lady Blackthorne said...

Thank you so much! I found this place while randomly driving around with my sister in December of 2007. I couldn't remember what it was called, but I remember the Cuban hot chocolate and eating outside in December underneath their overhead heaters... Fabulous place to eat!