January 20, 2007

Fire On the Mountain (4225 N Interstate Ave)

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When my friend Heidi moved to Minnesota, I think I remember her telling me how they went to the State Fair and saw fried pickles, fried Twinkies and other fried goodness and how funny/odd it was. I mean where else would you find things like fried pickles and fried Twinkies, except at a State Fair. Well, guess what. Fire on the Mountain in North Portland has both! And fried mushrooms, to boot!

They are known for their chicken wings - 12 sauces (which you can try before you buy), including raspberry habenero, Jamaican jerk, peanut, and barbecue. I haven't ever been to a restaurant to eat chicken wings before and haven't really had them that much. But I must say it is fun to dig in with my hands and eat the saucy, hot chicken, burning my chapped lips every second, and then lick my fingers one by one. I think the sweet barbecue sauce was my favorite, with the hot sauce coming in second.

We also had the fried mushrooms - which were a huge quantity for the money - and were fresh and juicy, with a thick coating of fried batter. Served with ranch dressing.

We went on a Friday night and got there around 7:45 or so, and it got super busy right after we ordered. I'm sure it is busy on a regular basis. The next time I go - I'm going to get the fried pickles. Anyone want to split the fried Twinkie?

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Chelsea said...

Omg! I loved those fried mushrooms as you could probably tell since I ate most of the platter. No more fried foods for awhile. I was up all night with a stomach ache!!