July 20, 2006

White Eagle Saloon (836 N. Russell St.)

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The White Eagle Saloon is a McMenamins establishment. Food at any McMenamins is always the same. Eh. Edible, but nothing special. Not even worthy of a real review.

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Hey, It's Ansley said...

I think this is my favorite review of yours so far, it made me laugh out loud because it's true. Although McMenamins should at least get a little credit for being one of the few places you can get tater tots (and they did it way before the whole Napolean Dynamite craze, no bandwagon jumpers there)

Chelsea said...

Cajun tater tots at that. Plus, while, yes the food is lame, McMenamins restuarants are comfortable and a Portland tradition. Even if the food is bad there is something comforting about hanging out there, like I am meeting up with an old friend, even if I don't like them very much.

Rich Wipf said...

It should be noted the not all McMenamins are the same. While they all have basically the same menu. Some do a decent job of it and some really suck! For example the Mission is awful