July 9, 2006

Mississippi Station (3943 N. Mississippi Ave.)

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The restaurant is open! Hooray! The space next to Mississippi Studios is now Mississippi Station, serving amazing locally grown, organic meals in the backyard that merges beautifully with the backyard of the Studios, Airstream trailer and all!

The Station Burger is huge, with a pile of dijon-braised onions, Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, aioli and barbeque sauce. Served with hand-cut fries, crispy and salty right out of the fryer, the burger dripped lovely sauce all over my plate. It was perfect. For dessert, a grapefruit sorbet drizzled with Campari. My sister had berries with creme fraiche, sprinkled with fresh mint and fennel. That was AMAZING.

They put candles in mailboxes, randomly placed throughout the yard. Even next to the old gas pump and movie theater seats. Eat a bite. Hear some music. Enjoy the fresh air in the backyard. Suck in the ambiance and take it home with you.


elsea violet said...

omg the creme fraiche with berries, fennel, and mint was divine! That is the best dessert I have ever ever had. The raspberry, beet, and watercress salad was delicious as it was beautiful. This is the best restaurant I have been to in ages (inside and outside of this country)

but omg! that picture of me is nasty!