December 17, 2009

Sleepless. Because I want to go to Seattle.

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I've felt something calling me to Seattle lately. Oh who am I kidding. The food is calling me. The food. And maybe the artsy literary types.

The New Guard Dinners - art, music and food by up and coming artists.

Delancey - a new pizza restaurant owned by Molly Wizenberg and her husband.

Spring Hill - I've heard an awful lot about this place on Twitter lately.

Union Restaurant
- Because of what Kari wrote.

Kim Ricketts Book Events
- Because how awesome is this. Cooks and Books? Words and Wine? Um. Yes.

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Rhiannon said...

We were in Seattle this past weekend for my birthday. We had dinner/drinks at a place called Spur with some friends, then a lovely lunch at Steelhead Diner, followed by a lovely dinner at Branzino.

Also, piroshkies at Pike Place Market.

I would like to go back.

Foodzings said...

i'm not even from seattle but i wholeheartedly recommend both crow and betty! i may be visiting portland again soon, so i'm enjoying your blog quite a bit, thanks!