October 10, 2008

Sick will drive me to the edge.

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I know I'm really sick because I'm live blogging the new episode of Ghost Whisperer. Jamie Kennedy joined the cast - Jay Mohr left (was there ever a more annoying character?). And Jason London is guest starring with Rachel Leigh Cook. Nowhere will you find so much mediocrity in one show! It's perfect for a rainy Friday night with a cold, when mediocrity appears to be fabulous.

I'm pretty sure Jason London did the dirty deed - he won't get away with it, since the dead are talking to JLove. She is SO good at solving crimes.

Wow - Jamie Kennedy looks so freakin' weird when he sees ghosts. Not a good look Jamie. Quite possibly some of the worst acting on television.

Boom. And the dirty doers get their comeuppance. Is it really necessary for the windshield wipers to smear blood? I think that's a little too Carrie.

The new episode of Numbers looks fab, as does the new episode of the Mentalist. But now they are showing The Duchess preview - Oscar worthy? Um. No. I saw it - bad, bad, bad. It's basically a pout in a dress for two hours.

What???? Freaky. They are all seeing ghosts! They are all seeing blood smeared on windshields and windows. Have I ever told you how car accidents are the thing that I am most scared of in my life? Yeah. This episode is not helping. Oh hell. Oh hell. I hate that this show can freak me out so much.

Oohh. JLove is showing up at the funeral, with the ghost and her sidekick Jamie Kennedy. And ka boom. They confront the murderer. We know you killed him. Ba bummmmm. Cut to commercial.

The Never-Ending Pasta Bowl commercials from Olive Garden make me queasy. WHAT?? Sarah Palin was found to have abused her power as Governor? Shocking. Just shocking. She seems smarter than that. Oh wait.

And now the confession. You think you are the only person that cared? I cared too! Such witty dialogue. Now they feel the ghost. Since the 7th grade we were best friends. Blah blah blah, I fell for his girlfriend. It was our fault. We did this to him. I was protecting all of us, so blah blah blah I tried to save him, but accidentally killed him. Bummer. But not really murder. They just kind of made him feel sad enough to kill himself with drugs and alcohol.

Now they are talking to the air. We're sorry Lucas. So sorry.

I can't believe it, says the ghost, my best friend and my girlfriend. I just want them to realize that they're not alone, says the ghost. What comes next?

The light, says JLove.

Is it scary?

It's okay to be scared.

Wow, says the ghost, take care of them, will ya? All of them? Yep. You're all right Melinda Gordon, you're all right. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Oh I'm pretty sure this is going to end with JLove sleeping with her husband, since they're trying to have a baby. Oh Oops, now she's having second thoughts about having a baby. It's the stupid things that the ghosts say, JLove says.

Hubby to the rescue: We should believe that the right thing is going to happen.

Where did you learn to be so brave? She has the worst crying face ever. Not a good sight to end the show with. Next week the Ghost Whisperer caught in a video game. I think I'll skip that episode.

Up next on CBS - The Ex-List. No amount of phlegm or Kleenex will make me watch that show after the trauma that occurred last week in my brain from watching it. I'm not even going to link it here because it's so bad, it doesn't even make it to my trash TV list. And believe me, my standards are not that high.