May 6, 2008

Margo-rita Incites Jealousy, Lust

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We all wanted a piece of her blistered, crunchy skin, slathered in tomato sauce and garlic, shimmering with mozzarella and fresh basil. She was beautiful. And she was all mine. Okay, fine, she belonged to my team, not just me.

There was nine of us all together, so we decided to break up into three teams and order three different pizzas around the giant square table in the back of Apizza Scholls. My team included Sara and Dave. Sara, a veteran diner of the restaurant, acted quickly. We should get the Margo-rita, she said. We agreed. First dibs on the pizza with the best personality - simple, but mature and well-seasoned. (Huh, that sounds suspiciously like me...)

Not that the other teams ordered shabby pizza - to my left was the Bacon Bianca, with fresh cheese and housemade bacon. And to my right was the pizza unknown - I can't remember what it was, because I didn't actually taste that one, but it was pretty.)

After we had each had a piece of Margo, the tangy tomato sauce, with the sweet fresh basil atop, we decided to be nice friends and share. "I wish I would have gotten that." "Margo sure is delicious." And other such comments were heard around the table. We were the champions of pizza. We had made the opposing teams jealous as they lusted after our prize pizza and wished there was enough for everyone. Simple tomato and mozzarella beat out bacon. Now that's an accomplishment, because really, doesn't bacon usually beat out anything? (Maybe that's only in my head, but I'm pretty sure I've heard Paula Deen say that once or twice.)

Of course, the other pizzas got eaten, too - in fact the Bacon Bianca was really great - A big strip of bacon right down the middle of my piece of pizza. Yah - I'm not going to find anything wrong with that.

At Apizza Scholls, they take only one reservation a night. We were lucky and scored a night that was free. Their service was prompt, their food was delicious. The crust, crispy and fresh from their volcano-hot ovens. In fact, I've been craving it ever since I left the restaurant. If I could have just one more piece of that Margo-rita. Mmmm. Yes. That is what I want out of life. One more piece.

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**Thanks for the pictures, Sara!


Chelsea said...

& you can add a link to Sara's name because she has a Flickr account now!

Yes, that Rita was really really really good.

I did like that bacon variety too and I don't even like bacon.

Sara said...

Chelsea beat me down and I do finally have a Flickr account.

I can't believe you didn't mention the DELICIOUS cannoli. Now that was a fantastic way to end a good night of great food.

Lizzy said...

Oh how could I forget the cannoli? It was really really fabulous and marscapone-y and crunchy with pistachios and chocolate. Perfection.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Since it was my first time at dinner club I didn't know it was so competitive. Thanks for being so gracious and sharing with me. I think the one we got was the Bianco Tartufo or something like that, white sauce, truffle oil and the boys on my team added sausage to half of it. The non-sausage part I had was salty and good but the Margo was definitely the winner. Next time I want to be on your team!

LadyConcierge said...

Glad you finally tried it, Lizzy. My fave used to be the Amore (Margo-rita with capicolla) but is now the housemade sausage with peppers. Hot damn!

brenda said...

You are quite the writer, Miss Lizzy. Making me salivate when I'm not the least bit hungry.

Love your blog!