February 17, 2008

Lizzy's Weekend Dish

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More restaurant detail later, but for now, here's the scoop on my weekend: (Yes, I am still on a diet. It was a challenging weekend.)

Cha Taqueria and Bar: So-so bueno, pero es un poquito loud y es un hot spot para hipsters en un evening de Friday. (Lo siento por el espanol mal. No estoy muy bien en espanol.)

Split: Great panini. Too much fat. But very delicious.

Pudding on the Rice: A store for rice pudding. In Bridgeport Village. It was good. For rice pudding.

Definitely, Maybe: Alanis Morrisette's ex tells a story to Little Miss Sunshine alum Abigail Breslin. Great movie. For a romantic comedy. It's not 100% predictable. Maybe only 97.5% predictable.

No Reservations: This movie sucked. The acting, the lines, everything was absolutely painful. Aaron Eckhart, what have you done with your good looks and your good acting? And what possessed you to wear those brightly colored parachute pants in this movie???

Law and Order Criminal Intent: I can never get too much of Vincent D'onofrio.

Knight Rider (the new series): Laughable, yet strangely addicting. Glad to see that David Hasselhoff made it out of his drunken stupor to do a guest spot at the end. "Will I see you again?" says son Mike to father Michael. "I hope so," says Michael Knight. Really? Cause I was kind of thinking you'd be better off dead. (In the show, not in real life.) Favorite lines from tonight's pilot episode: "Welcome to the world of being human!" (says girl to KITT). "Cool!" (says girl as KITT morphs into a different model of a Ford car in unbelieveably unbelieveable special effects). So $10 for anyone who can guess who is sponsoring this new series?????

MAC Cosmetics: Clownish looking salespeople who sell awesome makeup. It makes me feel a bit wild walking into their store.

Nirvana: I bought my first Nirvana album. Love it. Was reminded of how much I love them when Come As You Are was featured in Definitely, Maybe.


Hey, It's Ansley said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I agree about No Reservations; saw it on a plane so it was more entertaining than staring at the headrest in front of me but not by much. Although Aaron Eckhart is pretty even in ugly pants. Although I might like him more out of them. Hee. Love MAC makeovers. Can't wait to see Definitely, Maybe. And I liked your Spanish, I could understand all of it.

Sara said...

Mostly Martha, the original that No Reservations is based upon is much much better. It is good actually.

Lizzy said...

Mostly Martha is one of my favorites - some movies just don't need remaking.

todd said...

Hey, E!

I wanted to let you know that I moved my blog, and changed its design, too!

Its new address is:


Would you please be so kind as to update your blogroll? Thank you!