November 5, 2007

White Eagle Saloon (836 N. Russell)

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I didn't want to go. I don't really enjoy getting dirty or lifting things or getting slivers in my hands. My dad kept begging me to join them. The begging finally worked. Early Saturday morning, my mom and sisters picked me up and we drove to Goldendale, Washington for the first ever Fuss Family Barn Raising. Except it wasn't a barn. It was a pump house. Or something like that.

My brother has been living up there for several months, whittling and carving the logs to all go together for a post and beam building. Without electricity. All by hand. From instructions in a library book. Oh that makes me tired. Anyway. Here's how it went:
I didn't help much. Okay barely at all. I was the documentation specialist, snapping pictures with my cell phone. And I was there to make sure the food was all ready for their breaks. But seriously, how cool is this building?
I was tired and sore and dirty by the time I got back home. (I did help carry one of the walls for like 2 seconds and it totally strained my muscles.)

I showered and then met up with my sis to go over to the White Eagle Saloon and listen to Breanna Paletta from Rye Hollow. When we got there, One Horse Shy was playing some good country music, that I actually liked. I usually really dislike country music, but this was really good. Maybe because I was in Goldendale all day, with horses and cows and people who live outside and drive ATVs for transportation on a regular basis. I was just kind of in the mood.

I picked up the menu, expecting to see the usual stuff, which was there, but I sensed something different. The ranch that came with the tater tots was now peppercorn ranch. Whoa. Then, one of their specials was spicy hungarian chicken wings with dill sour cream sauce. Something is not right. Their tuna sandwich has mango chutney in it. I was really hungry and it all sounded good.

We ordered the spinach artichoke dip (which historically has been completely bland) and the cajun tater tots. Chels ordered sundried tomato mac and cheese and I ordered half a tuna sandwich. We got the artichoke dip first. Um. It was REALLY good. It was fresh and flavorful and chunky with artichokes. I couldn't believe it. The tater tots were so hot they burned my fingers. The tuna sandwich was delicious. The mac and cheese was just so-so for Chels, but hey 3 out of 4 - not bad!

We were both so tired from the day and from then eating all the delicious, but clearly fatty, carb-loaded food, that we couldn't even stay for Breanna's set. Next time. I went home and slept for like 10 hours. Mmmmm. That was good.

I'm not sure if being outside all day had a romanticizing effect on my brain or if the food at McMenamins really HAS gotten much better. I'm going to assume it's the latter. And if the food ever starts tasting bland again, I'll just have to go raise a barn in Goldendale or something.


todd said...

Dang! You were at the White Eagle and I didn't even see you/you didn't even say hello? AND you weren't able to stick around for Breanna's set? Bummer!

Oh well...even if you didn't see any music at all, the tater tots were worth the trip, though, yes? LOVE 'em. I had some myself that night.

And incidentally, I have a plan to go to Goldendale and Maryhill to do a Sam Hill blog at some point in the near future. Just saying. :)

Lizzy said...

I know - I was totally bummed that I didn't get to hear the music and I didn't see you! I did hear you guys on Friday night, though and you were awesome. I'll be writing about that later today:)