July 16, 2008

Lizzy's BlackBerry Goes On a Play Date

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Once a month I treat myself to a massage from my good friend Lisa Still at HeartSong Massage. I've been going to her for about 8 years now and I was addicted from day one. She's a kick in the pants. Usually, I leave relaxed from a massage, and my tummy muscles sore from laughing so hard. Love. Her.

Today I was a half hour late for my appointment. I told her to give me a shorty massage, so as not to inconvenience her next appointment. Lucky me, though, her next appointment didn't show up. So we went to happy hour. Of course. What else would we do?

We headed over to Stanford's. Yes, a chain restaurant. The thing is though. They have a newish menu. At least since the last time I was there. Why not check it out, I thought. So, I ordered a virgin margarita, a chopped salad and the blue cheese and bacon chips to share. Lisa ordered a pomegranate martini and the chicken strips.

We alternated between being engrossed in the dating rituals going on around us and texting/emailing/taking pictures and then sharing. We both have new BlackBerries. We were comparing. And observing Leathery Tan Woman #1 trying to pick up on Hot Bartender #1, who could have been her son. We laughed. Flirting is fun to watch. And hard to turn away from.

Amazingly, there were actually two other Leathery Tan Women in the bar at the same time, but they had dates and were NOT trying to inappropriately pick up on young, vulnerable bartenders.

Lisa received a lemon drop instead of a martini and it seemed as though the waiter thought my friend wanted a virgin drink, too (no pucker in the lemon). Silly waiter. She got a pomegranate martini later on that was appropriately potent.

My margarita was too sweet and not sour enough. There was not enough salt on the rim either. The chips, though. They were beautiful. Oh. And tasty. So so so tasty. I even got a picture of them:

Chunks of blue cheese and crispy bacon with fresh chives and tomatoes on hot, freshly fried potato chips. The salt of the bacon + the creaminess of the blue cheese and the mild crunch of the chives with the hot potato crisps - it was a perfect marriage. Which is more than can be said about you people out there.

Wipe off your chin. You're drooling.

Our bar buddies next to us, an older couple, asked us what they were and because we are kind and we were feeling generous, we gave them a sample. (Don't you wish that you sat next to such nice people when you go to bars?)

The rest of the food was good old bar food. Nothing spectacular, nothing horrible, nothing memorable. Besides the chips. But we've already discussed those.

In the end, we promised to text more often, we hugged and parted ways. My next appointment is in less than 4 weeks. Can't wait.

HeartSong Massage
15800 Boones Ferry Rd., Ste. C203
Lake Oswego, OR

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Chelsea said...

Hee! Hee! Sometimes Stanfords is just right.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Sounds like the perfect day, a massage, a friend, and good food.

Should I be embarrassed to admit that sometimes I think Red Robin is perfect?

Tia said...

You should tell your massage friend that she should get a website :) I went looking for information after reading it here, and I couldn't find anything :(